Call Of Fire 2001-2021

A Vital Message For Muslims, Christians, And Other Religions As Well.

"The Lord hath sent to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,"

Harsh Doctrines Of Devils Forbade Marriage.   And What More Did Related Doctrines And Branches Do?



God Calls With Fire And  With Many Signs,  Adding Miracles To Miracles. 

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And Why Did God Stop Or Stamp The Valentines Cookies With Fire?  

   The first part of this website shares how God through a phenomenal fire in 2011 (seen for forty miles around) confirmed a liberating and beautiful message about Valentines issues.   Jesus not without reason said truth sets free, while many Scriptures correspondingly speak of God’s laws as being good and sweet and the perfect law of liberty.  Jesus wept because Jerusalem refused His message, and in blindness missed seeing the good things belonging to their peace.  Jesus likened His Kingdom to a marriage feast which people refused to attend, because of being busy with business, money, and manners esteemed great by men, and warned such unresponsive ones of destruction  (Luke 19:41-44, Matt 22:1-14).  And yes too often it takes a real destruction to wake people up.  God wants people to wake up and feast in His way, and not in error and ways that are simply highly esteemed among men which often are an abomination to God (Luke 16:15).

  The second part of the site considers a special dream about no gathering or religious restoration occurring, till a special burning or burnings.  Note, God also has by dreams and a very unique event portrayed food and parties being stopped.   The second part of the site also considers why God,  with a literal fire and burning at our house, precisely marked and postponed my first batch of special Valentines cookies.  Was God by stopping the special cookies with fire giving another witness of food and parties being stopped?   Yes in the very hours I was planning to be making my first batch of some special Valentines cookies the fire broke out and was ablaze.  Cookies which would be labeled and packaged to share numerous amazing Valentines miracles, bearing a good and vital message about Valentines matters.  Thus the miracle sharing Valentines cookies, with a message on  feverish matters which have power to bless or destroy like fire, are now also astonishingly marked with fire.  And possibly for various good reasons.   God intends both literal fire and issues surrounding Valentines to provide wondrous warmth for lives and homes, but outside of proper teaching and boundaries, both fire and Valentines issues will do the very opposite, and damage lives and destroy as did our fire.  And yes the object of God's laws and the Valentines cookies is to promote and protect humanities greatest blessing about Valentine's matters rather than lives through ignorance ending up pained or destroyed by them.

    And finally considering Apostle Peter taught judgment must begin at the house of God, and the dream spoke of a burning being needed before a genuine gathering and restoration, should I or any think we need no fire or burning?  May we rather be willing for whatever burning might be needed to bring about the needed gathering of God's people, truth, and revival.  And yes God by the fire certainly could be confirming it will take more than sharing tasty cookies and amazing miracles with a good message to wake those with locked minds, and rather take fire and burning.   And how much fire will it take?  May God help us all to properly learn from and respond to His burnings.  Note details about the multi miracle sharing Valentines cookies, and more issues about them being marked and postponed by fire are given later.


  The story of a phenomenal flame seen for 40 miles, and which occurred at a special time as to provide a liberating message about Valentines issues.  Further now a massive pipeline intended to carry gas sufficient to warm millions of homes extends from the place of the flame, as if symbolizing the spreading abroad of the glorious message of the flame.  

Written in 2018 - When The Massive Pipeline Was Installed Seven Years After The Special Flame

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PART TWO - CALL OF FIRE  (2001 - 2021)

The No Gathering Till Burning Hives Dream.

God's Messages That Parties Will Stop.  The Fire At Our House.

And Why Did God Stop And Stamp The Special Valentines Cookies With Fire?

And Many Uniquely Related Issues.

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The Plan Surrounding And Details About The Valentines Cookies 

The Miracle Sharing Calendar

Also Found To Fold In A Stunning Manner  Included With Cookies


firm His Message Regarding A Coming Crash Or Burning, When

I  Began To Somewhat Question Whether The Crash Would Ever Come To Pass.

And Yes It Appears It Will Take A Real Crash Or Burning To Get People To Wake Up. 

       Because of my expectation of a coming crash I tended to stay away from major projects, but at one time I expectantly needed a large shed.  So I went to the lumber yard very much thinking about my expectations of a coming crash, and somewhat wondering if I was misled in expecting a great crash of some kind. With these thoughts very close by me, while at the counter purchasing the material suddenly a tremendous bolt of thunder struck, it was horrendous and greatly startled everyone, and caused the lady behind the counter to spill her coffee over herself.  It was a wild crash and there was no other thunder before or after.  Although I did not tell the people in the office  my situation of questioning a coming crash, the next day or so when I returned a man at the desk asked me if I brought the thunder along again, and further said he would not forget it for a long time.  I firmly believe God was confirming His message about a coming crash.  

An Amazing Video Relating To All The Above And Much More!

For Years I Have Been Waiting For The Gathering And Revival God Has Shown Me To Come To Pass. 

And here at a special meeting aligning with the map and it's fiery message, my name is prophetically called

out by those I don't think even know me with an amazing and fitting message!

Another Unique Event Relating To The Flame And Valentines

Whale Events Of 2011.  God Does Not Want Their Good Message Forgotten! 

Not only did God's providence seven years later bring about a massive pipeline leading from the

place  of  the flame, but ten  years  later God's providence brought about more uniquely connecting incidents.   This  involved  and  caused  us  to  largely  drive the route of the pipeline leading from the flame precisely on Valentines day ten years after the fire and Valentines Whale events.  And yes some other fitting and unique incidents occurred in travel.  The following two pages pertain to such.  

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